NBA Jam Will Be Released As A Standalone Product On PlayStation 3.

They totally under-rated the demand for the game across all three platforms, and while we've no doubt plenty of Wii owners are clamouring for the ridiculous basketball title, so too are plenty of PlayStation 3 owners. That's why the NBA Elite 11 announcement was so unusual. Players who bought the flagship basketball title on PlayStation 3 were going to be given a trimmed down version of the Wii's NBA Jam with online multiplayer. That was until NBA Elite 11 got delayed.

Now we're finally at the situation we should have started with — NBA Jam is coming to PlayStation 3 as a proper standalone product. And that's a good result. But it's left EA Canada in a bit of quandary.

"We got this bomb dropped on us a couple of days ago, as well," said the game's creative director Trey Smith, "So we're shuffling to get everything together, but we got a great team; we got a lot of stuff up and working; we're gonna polish it up; we're gonna get it out there before holidays."

The original version of NBA Jam set to be bundled with NBA Elite 11 would feature just the basic game modes. Now EA Canada's talking about including the Wii's Remix Tour campaign mode too. "We're doing everything in our power to get as much on there as possible," Smith assured. "We're trying to throw it all in there."

EA Canada seems proficient enough to pull this off, but we can't help thinking that NBA Jam should have just joined the Wii version on PlayStation 3 (and XBOX 360) anyway. The fanbase is clearly clamouring for it. Get it out there. Hopefully EA's learnt their lesson.