Prepare to meet your zoom

TRON: Evolution is, in Disney's eyes, the official follow-up to the original Tron, so it's putting a lot into getting its combination of racing and combat just right, including PlayStation Move support. Unfortunately details on how the controller will be used have been thin on the ground, but a recent preview event shed just a little light on how Move will work.

The controller is utilised in the lightcycle sections to steer the bike: held on its side, you tilt it up to accelerate and down to brake, mimicking the control panel of the cycle in the film. There's good news for everyone bored of downloading Move patches by now: the game will be fully Move-compatible right out of the box, with no need to download an update to activate support for the motion controller.

It doesn't stop there though: Chris Whiteside, the game's design director, teased there may be more Move support yet to be revealed:

Watch this space – I think PlayStation Move is something we’ll be doing a little more with going forward. We’ll see what happens with that.

There's a gameplay video and extended information over at the official PlayStation blog.