"S'Up? The Name's Chuck, Yo!"

We spent a lot of our time with the game wearing a Blanka mask alongside a pair of hot-pants. Good times.

It's nice therefore, to see Blue Castle provide a steady stream of new costumes via DLC. The first pack is up next week and is entitled the Psychopath Theme Pack. Interestingly each of these new packs will give Chuck new abilities in game, so the psychopath kit makes him "stronger and deadlier" with typical melee weapons - cleavers, pickaxes, etc.

Next up is the Soldier Of Fortune pack. That's out on October the 19th and turns Chuck into "the ultimate action hero with increased deadliness for all firearms".

On October 26th there's the Sports Pack which makes Chuck the "ultimate sports party animal" allowing him to drink as much as he wants without feeling sick. Nice. The pack will also make you more deadly with sports weapons.

Finally there's the Ninja Pack which is due at the start of November. This will make Chuck “virtually undetectable to the undead” and more deadly with swords and katanas.

There's no word of pricing yet, but a nice round £0.99 would get us to bite. You can get shots of all the costumes over on the PlayStation Blog.