Sorry Guys, DC Universe Online Ain't Coming Out Until Next Year Now.

Not a chance. Sony Online Entertainment's just confirmed the game's delay; placing it somewhere in early 2011.

There was no exact reason given for the delay, but SOE's John Smedley said that the extra time will “allow us to address community feedback in a meaningful way".

He added: “When we get deeper into external beta, we’ll be able to share more information regarding the new launch date.”

Sony Online Entertainment's confirmed that anyone in North America who has preordered the game - or does so before November 15th - will have access to the online beta by the end of the month. Those preordering after November 15th will get into the beta a week before the game's release.

SOE also detailed a collector's edition for the PS3 version of the game. You can get details of that over at Joystiq.