This is Earth Seeker. Let's hope the Move game has such nice art!

The name Crafts & Meister might not mean much to you – a small development studio set up in 2004, it's yet to release a game for home consoles, its only title so far being arcade brawler Super Dragon Ball Z, although Wii adventure Earth Seeker is set for release soon. Studio director Noritaka Funamizu, a former Capcom development legend who worked on everything from Street Fighter Alpha to Monster Hunter and Resident Evil 2, has revealed his team is working on a title for PlayStation Move in an interview with Famitsu magazine.

Although Funamizu-san revealed no further details about what kind of game the unnamed title might be, we're already intrigued by what a developer headed by an industry legend can accomplish with PlayStation Move. We'll bring you news on Crafts & Meister's new game as it arrives.