Call Of Duty: Black Op's Protagonist Will Be A Chatty Fellow.

Sure, Soap ended up talking in Modern Warfare 2, but we don't think he ever said anything when he was the main character of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Either way, as far as we can remember, Call Of Duty protagonists are pretty mute.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops will change all that. Apparently Treyarch's made a "very deliberate choice" to make Black Op's protagonist, Alex Mason, a little more chatty. That decision has introduced a number of technical challenges for the developer however, "because of the game's free-roaming nature" and its "time-hopping script."

Treyarch's Dave Anthony says players "will see how Mason's relationships with the other characters in the game change" as the campaign progresses. Interesting.

Avatar's Sam Worthington is rumoured to be Alex Mason's voice actor, though that's still unconfirmed by Treyarch.