Bulletstorm Looks Bad-Ass. It's "Deep" Too According To People Can Fly.

Fun appears to be the main agenda of the FPS, but the game's creative director Adrian Chmielarz reckons it's much more than a "mindless shooter".

"The spirit [of Painkiller] is there, yes,” he told BigDownload. “Painkiller was the old school’s swan song, though. Bulletstorm is a bit more modern in design, with sidekicks, dynamic in-game dialogue, advanced AI, heavy scripting, etc. But for me, personally, the most important thing is the story.

“In Painkiller, it was clearly an excuse to just mix all these crazy levels together, while in Bulletstorm the story comes first, and the game is built around it.

“People who – based on a few core gameplay movies we have released – think that Bulletstorm is just a “mindless shooter full of toilet humor” are going to be in shock when they experience the full game. The good kind of shock, that is.

“I hope that people who expect a “mindless shooter” will not be disappointed when it turns out it has depth they were not expecting, both story and gameplay-wise. I keep repeating that and I know that at the moment it’s nothing but promises, but I hope when the previews of the full game hit the press people will be able to see a different side of Bulletstorm – a side that’s really going to surprise a lot of players.”

We're cool with Bulletstorm trying to be more than a shooter, but we're sure the main hook will remain those scorechain mechanics. The game's due next year.