Months & Months Later, We're Still Talking About Borderlands.

That game is big. In fact, if we didn't have a back-log of about 5,264,631 games to review [slight exaggeration - Ed], we'd still be playing it now. And if we were still playing it now, we'd be hotly anticipating the game's level cap raising patch.

Speaking of which, Gearbox claim that the patch is finished on the development side. It's just waiting to be green-lit by the platform holders. Still, it'll be with us in " a couple of weeks, possibly sooner".

But what does the patch actually add/change? Well Gearbox have explained that too, and we've included the full breakdown after the jump.

  • Level cap increase for all players of 8 levels. That means that all Borderlands players will now be able to achieve a new maximum level of 58.
  • Owners of The Secret Armory of General Knoxx can achieve a record setting increase to a maximum level of 69.
  • End game players that have completed playthrough 2 will see enemies scale to the new levels up to the new level cap. That means that if you've completed everything, you can play through the game again and again at a challenging level in order to find better and better loot.
  • Item drops (with the exception of COM Decks) will also scale with higher level enemies to the new level cap. That means that this Title Update features the highest level weapons to date!
  • Other fixes, including DLC4 Achievement/Trophy glitches that have affected some users and will be corrected to properly award players for obtaining these achievements no matter which order they were completed in.