What time does Federer go to bed? Tennish!

Sega's Virtua Tennis series is the longest-running rendition of the sport, having been going since the days of the much-missed Dreamcast, and it's come a long way since those zombie-like characters skulked up and down grass courts. Virtua Tennis 4 is the next instalment in the series, and has enough features to make it – wait for it – a smash hit.

Speaking to the PlayStation Blog, the game's producer Mie Kumagai explained that the motion control offered by Move is so precise the game can be controlled without the use of any buttons, with players performing a wide range of shots using only different physical motions. Your character automatically moves left and right across the court, but you can press the net by moving closer to the Eye camera or drop to the baseline by stepping backwards.

Virtua Tennis 4 also offers another first for the series: a first-person perspective that, when coupled with the game's stereoscopic 3D mode, makes this the most advanced lawn tennis title on the horizon, with the 3D making it far easier to understand the distance of the ball from your player and time your swing perfectly.

With the original Virtua Tennis arcade team working on this new release there's no doubt PlayStation Move will receive a classy tennis title when the game launches next Spring.