Ueda Aims To Make The Last Guardian More Accessible Than Previous Team ICO Releases.

He stated as much in a Q&A session on the PlayStation Blog, explaining that the player will be protected by the giant animal from the trailers. The title suggests that while the giant griffin-like animal might be the last protector of its kind, the player might run into other large beasts.

Ueda's quick to point out that the player will not be able to beat enemies alone however; perhaps confirming original assumptions that players will have to work alongside the giant animal to solve puzzles and complete tasks. While the gameplay's not complete yet, Ueda hopes to make the gameplay accessible. "I also want people who are not serious game players to try out this game. So I want the controls to be simpler than before."

We're considering a Last Guardian black-out right now. It's the worst part of our job as bloggers. We kind of have to read everything, whereas you guys can choose not to. Lucky buggers.