Project Dark Sounds Like The Spiritual Successor To Demon's Souls.

Despite the game's exclusivity in Japan, it will be multiplatform in the West. As such, Sony will not be undertaking publishing duties worldwide (as it was assumed they might with Demon's Souls 2). Therefore, the game will not have the title "Demon's Souls" on it.

Which is weird, given what a triumph the title's been.

We're not sure why the decision to go multiplatform has been made. Despite being a hit, Demon's Souls is still niche and going multiplatform is only going to split the online user-base — something which was key to success in the original game.

So yeah. It's a bit weird this one. Odd decisions all round. We suppose the biggest odd decision is Sony not capitalising on the success of Demon's Souls. After all, they own the IP. Seems like the boat's sailed now, though.