Q-Games Plan To Make The Next PixelJunk Monsters In 3D.

With the team currently working on a full-blown sequel to PixelJunk Shooter, the studio's head Dylan Cuthbert was questioned as to whether he'd consider a full sequel to another of PixelJunk's titles.

And the answer is yes: "We want to make a PixelJunk Monsters 2," he stated up-front at a TGS meeting. Cuthbert added that while a follow-up is planned, it would likely be some time away. Cuthbert explained that he envisions the next PixelJunk Monsters to be a part of "Series 2" - a second set of PixelJunk titles designed in 3D rather than the franchise's current 2D style.

Man, we can't even imagine what PixelJunk would look like in 3D. But we assume it would be amazing.