PushSquare's PlayStation Pick Of The Week: PlayStation Move.

But we're also excited. Particularly this week, because we'll finally be getting our hands on the PlayStation Move. We fell in love with the device when we checked it out earlier in the year; so we're awaiting the device's imminent retail launch with bated breath.

PushSquare's PlayStation Pick Of The Week: PlayStation Move [EU / US]

It's fairly cheap, it's light-years better than its counterparts, and it actually could change the way we play some of the best PlayStation 3 titles in the future: Move is finally shipping to retailers across Europe and America this week, and we can't wait. Fact is, even if you're not enamoured with any of Move's launch titles, you probably own something to try it out on. And if Sports Champions isn't calling you, Sorcery and Killzone 3 are just around the corner.


Sports Champions is the first must-have PlayStation Move title, earning rave reviews across the Web. The title's implementation of table-tennis is the best we've ever experienced in a video game and shows great potential for the controller. Start The Party also introduces some of the Move's unique augmented reality abilities — the game might not last forever, but it's an interesting tech showcase. The other big game in the Move's arsenal is the PSN download Tumble, which demonstrates the Move's precise nature in a slower-paced environment.

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