Sort It Out EA. You've Handled This NBA Jam Reboot Terribly.

Which causes a problem for those who were buying the game just for the "free" NBA Jam supplement.

Worry not. EA's confirmed that you'll now be able to pick up NBA Jam on PS3 completely separately from NBA Elite 11. Which is the way it should have been in the first place. The game's due to launch before Christmas. No word as to whether it will be retail or boxed.

“The decision to delay NBA ELITE was hard because the game has great promise,” EA Sports boss Peter Moore said on his blog.

“But ultimately we feel this is the right thing to do. We’ve been making steady progress on basketball for the past few years and it’s going to take extra time to make the game.

“I want to thank our NBA ELITE development team for their efforts to meet this year’s lofty goals, and we’re behind them as they continue their work. While no one is happy with this delay, we appreciate the support and ongoing feedback from our fans.”

It's all a weird scenario. It's strange for NBA Elite to be delayed so late, and the Jam situation continues to reek of market misunderstanding. It's like EA didn't get who'd be interested in NBA Jam in the first-place.