Naughty Dog's Next Game Probably Won't Support The PlayStation Move.

The bad news? It probably won't support the PlayStation Move. That's according to Naughty Dog's co-president Christophe Balestra anyway.

When queried about Move support by GameInformer, the studio gaffer responded: “Maybe in the future. Right now, it’s kind of difficult because we’re so focused on the next thing. It would be too late for us to start thinking about that. Move certainly has potential."

Balestra's fellow president, Evan Wells, agreed with the sentiment. While excited by the new PlayStation Move controller, Wells stated that he wants to make sure they are handled in the right way.

“I think if we were going to tackle a game that supported Move, we would want to do it from the ground up. We’re too far along into what we’re working on next to really do it justice,” he explained.

<span>There's a new Naughty Dog project in the works, then. Did somebody say Nathan Drake? If it does happen to be a new Uncharted game, the lack of Move controls could be a bit disappointing. Move would be great for aiming.