Find out how to get it cheaply!

Recommended Retail Prices are all well and good, but nobody really sticks to them, do they? With that in mind, games industry magazine MCV has collated prices from High Street and online retailers to find out exactly who's got the best offer.

Unsurprisingly topping the list is Tesco Direct, with the PlayStation Move Starter Pack for just £39.70. Using voucher code TDX-RTHK knocks £10 off when you spend over £50, bringing the price of a Starter Pack and Navigation Controller down to £53.70, a bargain deal considering the RRP of the Starter Pack is £49.99. You can even avoid postage and packing costs by having your order sent to your nearest Tesco.

If you find a good Move bargain on the shelf whether in the UK or Europe, let us know on our Facebook page or via Twitter and we'll share it with the world!