Yay For Inconspicuous Boxart Logos.

Not only does the game feature PlayStation Move controls out of the box, it also comes packaged with The Taxidermist DLC, the game's soundtrack, three XMB themes and some making of videos. Even neater, it'll release for a lowly €39.99 / £29.99 — so if you haven't played the game yet, there's no excuse not to anymore.

Sony's planning to release a demo of Heavy Rain: Move Edition on the PlayStation Store this week, so you'll be able to test it out with your Move controller should you be picking one up this week.

Incidentally, if you already own Heavy Rain, a free patch including all the Move control gestures will be available from September 22nd. Again, it'll be free if you already own the game. Will you be jumping back in for another playthrough?