The Shoot on PlayStation 3 Demo Impressions.

The Shoot is an obvious title to accompany the PlayStation Move's launch window; a rails-shooter which places you on a movie-set [The Shoot y'see, geddit? - Ed] armed to the teeth with weapons. For as obvious as the game seems, it's actually pretty fun.

The demo saw us face off against a number of different bandit stereotypes across a Western setting. At its core, The Shoot is a basic rails-shooter with some competent pointer controls. In fact, it has the best pointer controls we've experienced on the PlayStation Move so far — a feature developers are clearly still getting to grips with. After calibration, the movement feels tight and satisfying. The camera twists and turns as you'd expect from a rails shooter, and we take out the enemies by carefully unleashing a trigger to their face. The game's complimented by a satisfying destruction engine, which makes the MDF enemies shatter into pieces of painted wood. The game has a really neat art-style to it.

Instead of forcing you to reload, The Shoot instead implements a combo system that multiplies your score for each successful shot you land. This means you'll need to shoot accurately to rack up high scores. The game also includes a number of power-ups. These range from the afore-mentioned quake, to a rapid-fire mode and a slow-down mechanic. Sadly, the slow-down mechanic requires you to spin on the spot, which is a bit cumbersome.

But if The Shoot introduces plenty of interesting stages based on movie genre cliches, it could be a fun ride. It's derivative and barely showcases the technical prowess of the Move controller, but those concerns are secondary to The Shoot's potential an enjoyable experience.