Don't expect FFXIV and beyond to include Move features

We've already made our case for why certain Western RPGs wouldn't work with Move, but Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase believes that Japanese RPGs aren't a great fit for Move, either.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Kitase explained why Move is an "awkward" fit for the genre:

[In] an RPG, you have to improve your character fight and fight and fight, and then the ending, and then more to play with, that could be 40 to 50 hours. It's quite continuous play, even though you don't have one go, obviously. That kind of technique might not fit so well with a very continuous title that requires long gameplay.

Kitase did go on to say that Square Enix could have future uses for Move, with the company hoping to expand PSP shooter The 3rd Birthday onto PS3 in future, when Move "could be quite handy", says Kitase.

Would you play an RPG that used Move for active battle sequences?