We'd Love Kratos And His "Paddle Of Power" To Join The Sports Champions Roster.

Let's be honest here, who is going to remember what Kenji and Giselle look like? Zindagi might have done an excellent job programming personality into the AI opponents, but their art team weren't on form designing the characters. That's fine, because Sports Champions is an enjoyable game regardless. But we figure the introduction of some PlayStation heroes could make the Move-controlled sports title all the more inviting.

Here's five characters we'd love to see added to Sports Champions as post-release DLC.

Kratos (God Of War): Armed with his Paddle Of Power, the former God Of War would scream phrases such as, "Zeus, I will have my revenge," as you back-hand slice a perfect drop-shot just beyond the pasty warrior's side of the net. Kratos' strength would be power, but he'd lack patience - making him a poor challenger at Bocce.

Madison Paige (Heavy Rain): Madison Paige would add a touch of reality to the Sports Champions roster. Giselle and Boomer may be female - but we've never seen women as perfectly cute as them in real-life. Madison, on the other-hand, is believable. The reporter might be prone to wittering on about the weird struck-off surgeon who tried to chop her up in his basement, but an alternative costume will allow you to play as her in the buff. Bonus.

Madison Paige.

Nathan Drake (Uncharted): Complete with fresh dialogue quips recorded by Nolan North, Nathan Drake would add a level of comedy to the drab Sports Champions roster. We can see ol' Nate being a dab hand at beach volley ball β€” especially when playing with nice young ladies. Just don't tell Elena, ok?

Toro Inoue (Sony Japan mascot): Sony Japan's official mascot β€” the grinning white cat, Toro Inoue β€” would be a completely impractical addition to the Sports Champions roster; but a fun one all the same. The little dude might not be able to hold an adult-sized bow in archery but... Look at him. Nawww, he's so cute!

The Fat Princess (Fat Princess): Clearly in need of losing a few pounds, the Fat Princess would start out the size of a blimp. But with frequent use she would actually change in appearance and shed her bulk. You'd be doing her a favour by selecting her, y'know.

Did we miss someone off? Let us know in the comments.

Nathan Drake.