How About Buying This Half-Finished Lara Croft Game?

The game's set to launch on the PlayStation Network next week, and it's long been assumed that the PS3 version of the game will feature online co-op out of the gate. Developers Crystal Dynamics have revealed otherwise.

They've told VG247 that the PSN version will launch without online co-op while they “take more time to make sure the mode is as good as possible”. Forgive us for stating the obvious, but wouldn't it be nice if they just held the game back until it was properly finished? We understand why they released half a game last month on the XBOX 360, because they were getting massive exposure as part of Microsoft's Summer Of Arcade marketing blitz.

But there's no excuse for this. Either release it when it's done or don't release it at all. We've a lot of love for Crystal Dynamics, but this online co-op fiasco has been ridiculous.