Will gamers go from left to right?

Take Two boss Ben Feder had his say about Wii gamers jumping ship to Move, but now EA's European senior Vice President Jens Uwe Intat has thrown his hat in the ring too.

UK industry magazine MCV recently spoke to Intat and asked him if Move could convert Wii's audience:

We’ve always hoped Nintendo would get new audiences into gaming with the Wii, and they’ve successfully done that. We also always hoped those people would later buy a next gen gaming machine that does stuff the Wii doesn’t do as well as the others and we can certainly expect that the combination of reducing the entry barrier of the price and making the PS3 and 360 more accessible via Move or Kinect, we will certainly get people who now enjoy playing video games and want to play online or enjoy games in a much high resolution. We do expect quite a few people to do this.

Whilst Intat was more tactful than Feder, it remains to be seen whether Wii owners are really interested in online play or high definition gaming, and if they were, whether they've been waiting for Move to make the jump across.

[source mcvuk.com]