This could be you, only you'd be Moving

Blitz Games Studios is a multi-talented bunch: as well as developing its own Move software such as the "movie karaoke" game Yoostar2, it also produces and maintains the BlitzTech middleware engine that runs on PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360 and PC, making it a very versatile piece of kit. It just got a whole lot more versatile in fact, as Blitz has just announced it now includes full PlayStation Move support.

The likely initial impact of this is developers will find it easier to translate existing Wii games developed using BlitzTech to the PlayStation Move, hopefully paving the way for the likes of House of the Dead: Overkill to make an appearance on the system. Longer-term, it will make it easier and cheaper for smaller developers to produce games for Move, and that can only be a good thing.

BlitzTech also offers digital and anaglyph 3D options, paving the way for a future full of Move-enabled games in 3D. Colour us excited.

We'll have exclusive hands-on coverage of Blitz Games Studios' PlayStation Move titles in the coming weeks.

01 SEPTEMBER 2010 LEAMINGTON SPA, UK BlitzTech has announced that its industry leading middleware and game development tools now include full functionality for Kinect for Xbox 360 and Move for PlayStation 3.

Blitz Games Studios is currently working on a number of motion control titles, many of which are yet to be announced. Currently unveiled games include ‘movie karaoke’ title Yoostar2 and personal fitness training game The Biggest Loser®: Ultimate Workout. Both games are from Blitz’s family games division Blitz Games.

Blitz has always been a pioneer for new technology and was a launch title developer for the Xbox and WiiTM consoles. Blitz’s leading middleware (also available for license) incorporates Kinect and Move functionality learnt from over a year working with the new devices on a variety of motion controlled titles.

“Our in-house technology team has always thrived on a challenge. The amazing variety of Kinect and Move titles that we’ve signed up over the last year has enabled us to really experiment with the capabilities of these new devices,” said Richard Hackett, Blitz Games Studios’ Technical Director. “We’re incredibly excited about the potential of both systems and we’ve already received some great feedback on our work so far.”

Yoostar®2, to be published by Yoostar Entertainment, is a ‘movie karaoke’ game that allows players to step into a classic Hollywood movie and become the star. Yoostar2 includes 60 iconic movies scenes from top Hollywood studios and scores the player’s performance all the way from ‘struggling actor’ to ‘superstar’! Yoostar2 is coming soon to Kinect for Xbox 360, PlayStation® Move System and PlayStation® Eye. For more details please visit here: