Coconut Dodge Might Sound Dumb, But It's Not. It's Amazing.

We're hear to inform you about a game us Europeans have been playing for a while, Coconut Dodge. You might have heard about it, we've posted about it quite a bit over the past few months. That's becuase it's basically amazing. Seriously, prepare to kiss your social lives goodbye. Just ask this guy about that.

"We're very happy with the way Coconut Dodge has been received in Europe, as it shows that quality game design can still rule in the age of cutting edge 3D graphics and epic open world environments," said Futurlab's gaffer James Marsden. "Coconut Dodge is a very simple design that has been taken further than many people would expect. Indeed, many reviewers have been shocked at how addicted they have become to the game, resulting in glowing reviews and a handful of 10 out of 10 scores from some of the most respected game industry sites in Europe."

The seriously addictive crab 'em up is due on the PlayStation Store on August 31st. Treat yourself to this one guys, this is a PlayStation Mini that deserves to be in every collection. It really is outstandingly addictive.