To Be Fair To Kaz, GT5 Is One Of The Best Looking Games We've Ever Seen.

Don't worry, ok! Gran Turismo 5's still going to meet its November release date. Kazunori Yamauchi β€” Gran Turismo father [a.k.a. the Internet's top troll] β€” has revealed that GT5 still ain't finished. He recently Tweeted, "GT5 is getting to where it will be finished shortly."

He went on to add that each GT release is usually this way, with work going right through until the last minute. Don't worry, Kaz isn't hinting at the game missing release, he's merely saying that the game hasn't gone gold yet, and that they're going to work around the clock until it does.

Which means we're going to get a better game. Which ain't bad at all is it?

Now think what we've written before you start mouthing off in the comments.