Batman: Arkham City Details Were Hidden Within Arkham Asylum All Along.

While we all haplessly described the Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel as "Arkham Asylum 2", they'd hidden a map of Arkham City (the sequel's true name) within its predecessor.

GameInformer's posted up a video of the secret room, revealing its secret entrance for the first time.

“While building Batman: Arkham Asylum, we placed a number of ‘hooks’ into the game that tie into the ‘Arkham-Verse’,” said narrative designer for Arkham City, Paul Crocker.

“The room obviously ties into Arkham City, but to be fair, we hid it pretty well. We did assume that it would be found eventually and after following forum posts for six months or so, decided to announce it in the ‘Game of the Year’ podcast.

“What I think people are really going to enjoy is not just how Arkham Asylum led to Arkham City, but also how the story in Arkham City sheds new light on the events you saw in Arkham Asylum.”

So, so, awesome. We seriously can't believe no-0ne found the secret room until now. GameInformer's got a massive cover story on Arkham City. The next issue of Official PlayStation Magazine is also set to blow-out the sequel. We can't wait.