If You Still Want To Play Some Red Dead Redemption, You Best Get Rid Of That Hacked Save File.

The publisher's detected players that are using hacked game saves, and plans to swiftly eliminate all the associated PSN IDs from the game. If you're using a hacked save, you have 24-hours to delete it and you will not be affected by the ban. Aren't Rockstar nice.

Don't worry if you've used XP exploits within the game to up your rank — that's perfectly acceptable. This applies purely to those players who have hacked their save file to reach impossible scores.

Those looking for Redemption will need to restart the game (after deleting the hacked save) and gain entry to the MacFarlane ranch while connected to the PlayStation Network. Likewise, players will need to complete a gang-hideout to reset their multiplayer save.

You've been warned. Now let the ban-hammer rain.