Here Is A Lobster In A Catapult. Win!

Nah, not really, but now that we mention it... Thank goodness for this week's PlayStation Home update then (as detailed on the PlayStation Blog). From tomorrow, the service is set to introduce a new mini-game called "Oscar's Lobster Mania". You'll find the crustacean-based target practice game in the Shopping Centre.

There are 12 levels to the game. The first is free but the subsequent levels will require you to purchase a lobster outfit (c'mon, we already want it) for €1.99 / £1.59. Successfully completing each level will net you a PlayStation Home reward; though no details on what they are yet. We're hoping for some kind of aquarium or something. That would be amazing.

There's plenty more in this week's Home update including some new outfits and furniture. If you see anyone doing the robot dressed as a lobster this week, that'll be us.