Is This The Game That Will Sell You A New TV?

The depth adds to your ability to judge corners, but the effect brings so much more to the image. There was one moment during our hands-on where we intuitively ducked to the side as a large piece of debris flew out of the screen. Along with Killzone 3, Apocalypse is absolutely the game that will convince you to upgrade your TV. And Sony agrees.

"I think 3D gaming is huge," Studio Liverpool's Mick Hocking said in an interview with Kotaku. "There are many, many benefits that 3D brings to games, but in general it enhances your sense of immersion. Your eyes pick up a lot more information that with 2D."

Hocking reckons that while 3D is beneficial to all genres, it especially suits racing and sports games.

"In those you have more information to reach to, like judging the breaking point in a turn, where to overtake a care, or when to swing a bat in major league baseball," he said. "All of that is much, much more intuitive in 3D than it is in 2D."

Hocking reckons that the glasses issue people are raising in regards to 3D will not be an issue. He added that an estimated 50 percent of televisions built in 2014 will have 3D and prices will continue to drop.

Hocking was keen to stress that developers have to create meaningful 3D content for it to be a success, though.

"I think it's crucially important that we produce high-quality 3D at this time," he said. "We're in the phase of building the market. We need to convince (gamers) to not only get the games but also to buy the 3D TVs.

"If you do produce 3D games in the right way it is a stunning experience and justifies the need to put glasses on and buy that TV," he said. "If not done well it's just used to add depth, or worse, it can put people off."

"3D done right isn't just about adding depth to a scene it is a creative medium," Hocking said. "There are choices about how much depth you put into a scene depending on what you're after, whether it is to create a sense of suspense or vertigo."

Hocking reckons MotorStorm: Apocalypse is the best example to date.

"My completely unbiased opinion is Motorstorm Apocalypse," Hocking said. "I think Killzone 3 has a great sense of vertigo, especially in the jetpack levels, but Motorstorm has things blowing up all around you and past you."

Yeah, that new 3D TV you've been thinking about buying? Might be about time.

[Source Kotaku]