A Bit Like This, But Multiplied By Eight.

Jade Raymond's not aiming small with the newly opened Ubisoft Toronto - she's told Develop that the studio aims to produce five "tripe-A" projects at the same time.

The new outfit's currently known to be working on two big-budget titles — one of which is set to be the next entry in the Splinter Cell franchise (come to PlayStation 3 this time, please). Jade reckons the studio's going to get much bigger than that.

“We want to grow to 800 staff in ten years, we’re on two major projects now,” said Raymond, “and eventually we’ll be working on five.

“I can’t say specifics now, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves in our first year. But yeah, that’s the plan.”

It'll be like a big-budget powerhouse or something. The full interview's through here.