Lionel Messi Reckons PES Is Going To Be Good This Year, Anyway.

This year's being touted as the biggest yet for the PES franchise, as the game's been overtaken by FIFA in recent years.

There are new pass placement mechanics which allow you to weight the ball, aswell as new AI routines, animations and online integration.

“We have been working on this, the ultimate evolution of PES to date, for a long time,so it is great to finally let people know when they can get their hands on it,” commented Jon Murphy, European PES Team Leader for Konami.

“I think pretty much everyone knows that we have incorporated truly open gameplay in PES 2011, but it really has to be experienced for it to be appreciated. The Tokyo team has worked incredibly hard to create a game that is true to the series’ history, but takes it in new, exciting areas. Come October 8th, I hope that people will be lost in the game’s huge array of options and dazzled by its utterly compelling gameplay.”

It's out a week after FIFA 11 which may be a challenge for Konami. Hopefully this PES does the business though. It's always better to have two competing franchises pushing each other, rather than one stagnating.