It's for this reason that we've seen the Move games list grow exponentially. There's very little risk in offering players an alternative motion control scheme. And it provides choice — some people like motion controls, other people don't. Some people like both and might like to choose depending on their mood.

It's sounds small, but it's one of the most exciting elements of Sony's motion control set-up. Motion controls can be a much more accurate aiming method in shooters, but we never really saw the genre pushed on the Wii. Now with PlayStation Move, we're able to see how games such as Killzone 3 implement motion controls. Not only does it look absolutely stunning (genre leading, in fact), but the aiming seems to work. The gun follows the position of your hand freely, allowing you to point at any area of the screen. Gesture controls have been introduced for reloading and the brutal melee system. It doesn't seem like they've gone too far though; grenades for example remain simple to execute.

With MAG supporting PlayStation Move too, we're super interested to see how first-person shooters fair on the motion controller; particularly in a competitive environment. Consider our interest piqued.