Announced at E3 as a 2011 PlayStation Move title, Sony's been particularly tight-lipped about the mascot-infested Heroes On The Move. Until now that is. The game allows you to select any of the infamous PlayStation mascots mentioned above, and has you completing challenges with them on any of the various character's home landscapes — that's Paris, Metropolis and Haven City if you're unfamiliar with thefranchise's respective lore.

One example given on the PlayStation Blog places Sly in his native Paris. Here he'll need to collect orbs while fending off enemies from all three universes. Yikes. Another level, "Fistful Of Crystals", sees Clank blasting his way through Haven City in a light-gun fashion.

It sounds a lot like Heroes On The Move is going to be all about using the PlayStation Move in a variety of ways. If it's as good at showcasing the controller as this year's Sports Champions, we're on board. Ahh, who are we kidding? With all those mascots we were already on board anyway.