We Know What You're Thinking: Not Enough Car-PG.

It's the driving simulator portion of the game, the section where you pick a car and race it. But what of Gran Turismo 5's new B-Spec mode? It's basically a "racing simulation RPG".

In B-Spec you are not the driver, but are the voice in the driver's ear. You watch races from the side-lines and tell the driver how to react. Each driver has a unique AI personality which you'll need to nurture like in an RPG. Racers will level-up at the end of races, further developing their unique style.

Initially you're in charge of one driver but you'll need to add at least three more to your portfolio in order to tackle the 24-hour races. Racers will have condition parameters, mood, etc. It's basically a racing management sim.

It sounds a bit crazy to be honest. Series producer Kazunori Yamauchi claims the mode will have the same volume of content as the main A-Spec mode, so you're essentially getting a racing simulator and a management sim all in one. Don't forget the course editor and go-karts too. Oh and did we me-...