Exactly The Same As This, With Added Hard-Drive Space.

May we just recommend you wait 24 hours or so, though. We know you're waiting to jump into Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and all the other fantastic PS3 titles, but have some patience. Just for a short while.

Last night, US retailer GameStop put a new "just announced" 160GB PlayStation 3 on their website. Thing is, they quickly removed the listing because the hardware upgrade hadn't been announced. We assume GameStop jumped the gun ahead of Sony's GamesCom press conference tonight.

While the listing was still online, GameStop users were able to note a $299 price-tag; that's the same as the "current" 120GB SKU. So basically, you're getting an extra 40GB of hard-drive space without added cost. Bargain.

Stay tuned to PushSquare this evening. We're certain the official announcement of new PS3 hardware will come within the next 10 hours or so.

Hang tight!