Kung Fu Rider on PlayStation 3 Hands-On Impressions.

Despite looking like the spiritual successor to zany PSone classic, Incredible Crisis, our hands-on time with the PlayStation Move's Kung Fu Rider revealed some irritating control quirks.

We just couldn't get Kung Fu Rider to work. It took several attempts before we realised what the game wanted from us, and even then it didn't feel especially intuitive.

You play as an office worker on the run from the Yakuza. Riding a plain office chair, you must navigate through Tokyo, collecting money and avoiding obstacles. We had a big problem with steering the chair, as we were told to simply move the controller from left to right. This didn't work, and it wasn't until our second play through that we found the correct way to steer was to twist your wrist left or right.

While we were able to solve our steering issues, we still had an issue with the rest of the control setup. You waggle your arm to gain speed, but you must also waggle in the same way to jump. Obviously, you can imagine the issues this caused — we were jumping when we wanted to gain speed, and gaining speed when we wanted to jump.

There's a definite quirkiness to Kung Fu Rider, and it certainly looks good. But control issues killed our enjoyment of the game's novel design. We hope there's time to make some last minute changes to the game's control set-up.