This Lady Needs A Name, And She Needs A Name Fast.

We've got five copies of 5-In-1 Arcade Hits to give away to the best five submissions. And you thought naming babies was hard...

5-In-1 Arcade Hits is a fun little Mini with a variety of content including pool, solitaire, pairs and breakout. In our review we described the game as "an enjoyable way to pass the time". The game even boasts leader-boards. You can find out more about the game on Grip Games' official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Despite being an enjoyable package, there's always been something missing from 5-In-1 Arcade Hits; and that's a name for the game's cover-star. Grip Games inform us that they've yet to name the lady from the game's promotional material, and they want PushSquare readers to help out.

"Hi, My Name Is..."

According to Grip Games, the lady is destined to appear in future games, and so she's desperately in need of a name. Not only will you be in with a chance of winning one of five copies of 5-In-1 Arcade Hits, you could also end up as part of video game history.

Here's a bigger a look at the lady you need to name:

Submit your suggestions through the form below. Stick to one submission per person, but enter as many names as you can think of. The closing date for submissions is Monday 16th August, at 00:00AM BST.

Competition is now closed. Thanks for everyone who entered.

Grip really want to get a discussion going, so once you've submitted your entry (and are in the prize draw) why not share your suggestions in the comments thread below (don't worry, we'll know if people are copying). We'd love to get some community discussion going on this.

Good luck everybody!