DanceDanceRevolution's Utilising The Full Arsenal Of PlayStation Motion Capture Devices.

But now we know to what extent.

At its core, DDR PS3 is simply that: DanceDanceRevolution on the PlayStation 3. The game sports a track-list of 45 songs (25 from Konami's in-house artists, 20 from mainstream artists) which seems sort of stingey to us. Konami's promising plenty of DLC, but we're hoping it's cheap. There'll be a bunch of familiar modes, including a new one called Dance Off. This will see players taking it in turns playing different songs, with the difficulty switching on the fly depending on the player. A Challenge Mode will also be added for experienced players.

Of course, that's all the basic stuff. The big new addition is PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye support. Using the PlayStation Move, players arms are brought into the dancing equation. A number of targets will be introduced to the screen that players will need to point at while they dance. That's the core of the mechanic, but Konami's adding in a number of neat visual treats that will have you flailing your arms around the screen as you play.

In addition to arm effects, Konami's also throwing the PlayStation Eye into the mix. This will track your body and place your silhouette onto the screen, which is really neat. Awesomely, with the game adding speculative special effects to your body-capture, Konami's adding a bunch of video capture and edit features into the game, and there'll even be the option to upload your performance onto YouTube and Facebook.

Quite the package, indeed. We're still a bit concerned by the track-list, but everything else seems like it's been well considered. We're interested in seeing more.