Codemasters Reckon DiRT 3 Will Be The Biggest Rally Game Ever Made.

In the issue, Codies game designer Matt Horsman describes it as "the biggest rally game ever made". They're not aiming small, then.

Critically, the magazine notes that the festival setting of the last game has been removed. Hopefully the "rad" voice snippets are gone too.

Codies promise there will be a mix of modern, classic and legendary cars, aswell as RAID trucks and super buggies.

A new combo system's been implemented which tracks how close your car comes to encountering objects. Presumably, the closer your car comes to objects without touching them, the more points you score.

New locations include Monaco, Aspen, Norway and Africa; with over 100 routes planned.

YouTube supports been promised, with the game allowing you to edit replays and upload them to the site.