Come Dine With Me Is The Pinnacle Of British Television. Fact.

com</a>, Sony's currently in talks with Channel 4 to bring their digital catch-up service, 4OD, to the PlayStation 3. Sony's already got the BBC iPlayer nestled in the television sub-section of the XMB, and hopes to extend that with 4OD and the previously rumoured ITV Player.

A report in Broadcaster magazine hints that talks between Sony and the British TV channel β€” famed for content such as Come Dine With Me β€” are early, but ongoing.

"We're looking to launch on the PS3," a 'source at the broadcaster' told Broadcast.

"4oD is becoming a platform agnostic product and will be successful because of the quality of the content."

The more TV catch-up services on the XMB, the better. It's not that we're particularly heavy users of the BBC iPlayer, but it's the convenience of having the content there should you need.

Plus β€” if we could get Come Dine With Me filtered into our brain, we would; so having it on the PS3's not going to hurt, is it?