It Comes With A Bloody Remote Controlled Car! Oh Activision!

Yup, we all saw the detonating cars in the game's multiplayer trailer. Well now you can own one of the little gizmos yourself, as part of Call Of Duty: Black Ops' premium Prestige Edition.

The special edition packs set to launch alongside Black Ops are as follows:
Call of Duty: Black Ops Hardened Edition – Includes a limited edition Black Ops Collector’s Medal with display case; four extra playable co-op maps not in the standard edition; exclusive Black Ops PS Home avatar outfit; premium, special-edition SteelBook case; the full game for $79.99.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition – Includes the full Call of Duty: Black Ops Hardened Edition w/ Collector’s Medal and four extra playable co-cop maps not in standard edition; RC-XD Video Surveillance Vehicle – Fully custom RC vehicle modeled after in-game RC-XD Killstreak Reward; RC-XD Transmitter – 2? backlit TFT 220 x176 color screen to receive video from car for $149.99/£129.99.</blockquote>

That RC car sounds cool. It actually submits a video feed to the control. Ridiculous, but crazy awesome. We actually kind of want it. It's available to pre-order from GAME here in the UK. If you want it, act quickly! This is going to get snapped up quickly, innit.

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