Angry Birds Is The Perfect Diversion From... Well, Anything Really.

It's sold over six-million copies to date, and there are even talks of a movie. Needless to say, it's a pretty big deal. That's why the game's announcement for PlayStation Minis is pretty big news.

Chillingo's Head of Publishing, Johnny Coghlan, has been on the PlayStation Blog this afternoon to reassure fans that this won't be a basic port. In fact, he assures readers that the "visuals are optimised" for the PSP and PS3. And what of the controls? "Instinctive," says Johnny.

Angry Birds may be a big deal, but we don't actually like it. The core concept's fine - you fling birds at giant structures, aiming to crush pigs - but the gameplay's not all the exciting for very long. We suppose that's the point to PlayStation Minis. It has its work cut out against Coconut Dodge though. That game never gets boring.