Vanquish Opted For A More Directed Experience, Despite Early Plans To Make It A More Open Shooter.

However, in a long blog on Platinum's website, Mikami's revealed that the game quickly took on a more linear direction.

“Vanquish was originally an open battlefield type of game,” said Mikami, “where the goal was to move around crushing enemy positions; however, once we got started with development, we quickly made the decision to change to a more linear structure. We abandoned the open battlefield and focused on making each stage as visually dense as possible.

“As a result, I think the graphics in Vanquish are really quite wonderful. It is one of the main points of Vanquish I want to recommend to people. (The only regret is that our decision decreased the amount of times the player uses boosting.)”

We think Mikami made the right decision. From what we've seen of Vanquish, it all seems to be constructed in a careful manner. Meticulous, if you will. Guiding the player ensures an intense experience. We can't wait to take the ride this October. And yes - we're aware we sound like a press release, but we actually genuinely think Vanquish looks really good.