Twisted Metal Started Out As A PSN Download And Gradually Grew Into A Massive E3 Spectacle.

According to Jaffe however, Sony wanted more from the product, so the team came up with a "drastic, dramatic change" in concept.

"Well, it started out as a PSN title. It started out as a very small version of Twisted Metal that was not just for the hardcore fans, but it really was like, 'Let's just do traditional Twisted Metal, but let's put it on the PSN network'," revealed creator Jaffe in an interview with 1Up.

"It's not going to be a huge budget, it's not going to cost a lot; it's just going to give the fans who love vehicle combat a great taste of that. I wasn't a massive fan of Vigilante 8: Arcade for Xbox Live Arcade, but I think from a scope standpoint, it started out more like that, where it was more of the bread and butter core of what the game was.

"It just grew from a standpoint of Sony, especially, coming in and saying, 'We think there's more here that you guys can do with this,' and us beginning to realize that there was."

Jaffe continued: "And then on the conceptual side, it really began in the same way that we made a drastic, dramatic change from Twisted Metal 2 going to Twisted Metal Black, in terms of going from the cartoon, comic-book to the dark, edgy storytelling and world of Black.

"We were also looking to make a similar jump in that it was really more... I don't want to say hip-hop, but more of an urban culture, Midnight Club theme running through it. So it lost a lot of the twistedness of it, and became more of a "Fast and the Furious meets Twisted Metal," is probably the best way to explain it.

"I was, and remain, very high on that concept, and I think at Comic-Con we're going to be showing some concept art of what that would've been. Ideally, it's something we can explore down the road, but for a while, conceptually, that was the direction we were heading."

<span>You can catch more with David Jaffe over at 1Up. The new Twisted Metal game's due next year.