"It's Coming Out Of The Screen!" It's Only 720p Though. "But It's Coming Out Of The Screen!"

Gran Turismo 5, Wipeout HD... Erm... Exactly. So it's no surprise to hear Sony's senior development manager, Simon Benson, declare that the company are capping 3D gaming on PS3 at a screen resolution of 720p.

According to Benson, who spoke at the Develop conference in Brighton last week, even games capable of running in 1080p (like Super Stardust HD for example) are being downscaled to 720p. The reason? Frame-rate.Apparently it's really hard to get things running smoothly when you have to render two images at a time. You don't say.

According to Benson, while a “more cinematic game” is better suited for the lower frame rate and higher resolution, Sony's guidelines don't currently allow for that.

This sounds like a big deal, but it's actually all a bit of a non-story. Most games don't even hit the 720p target in two-dimensions, let alone three. And Benson reckons that trained computer graphics artists couldn't tell the difference between 3D 720p and 1080p. Us normal folks have no chance then, eh?

So now you know, we can all forget we cared in the first place. Right?

[source vg247.com]