The Question Is, Would You Be Prepared To Pay Extra For This?

Well get ready to pay for it, because those rumours about Activision prepping a separate subscription fee for Call Of Duty's multiplayer may have just been turned up a notch.

A video (embedded after the jump) posted by a 360Junkies member clearly shows some form of subscription model implemented into the XBOX 360 version of Modern Warfare 2. The player writes:

“I was trying to join a friend’s session on MW2 the other day and had this screen pop up. It clearly says at the top of this menu: ‘Modern Warfare 2 Membersh’, in which we can confidently assume that the last word is “Memberships”. If you’ll notice at the bottom is an option to “Add Microsoft Points”, clearly indicating that this was intended to be a menu for purchasing different levels of Membership, presumably memberships would have been offered in a variety of durations.”

It's worth noting that this could be absolutely anything. But given Activision's comments in the past, it's not looking good.

You know who'll be pleased if this comes true though? The Medal Of Honor team.