Resident Evil 5 With More Accurate Zombie Eliminating Control? Yes Please.

Something about the style of the gameplay really with precision of a pointing device. The Wii proved that it had the best way to play Resident Evil 4, and subsequently, when Resident Evil 5 released, it felt old and clunky on the DualShock.

So it was with some excitement that Capcom announced PlayStation Move support for Resident Evil 5. Though, our enthusiasm has been somewhat tempered. Sony's confirmed suspicions on the PlayStation Blog that the Move patch will only work with Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. Those who have been holding onto their original copy of the game in hope of some motion control support, may aswell just sling it away now.

"This will only work with RE5 copies labeled 'Gold Edition' — the original version of RE5 won't be receiving the patch, for technical reasons," Sony's Sid Shuman said. He added that the patch will be available on PSN "close to the launch of the PlayStation Move."

Honestly, if you haven't played Resident Evil 5 yet, there's no better time. Despite the critics, we still think the game's one of the more enjoyable action shooters on the PlayStation 3 to date, with absolutely tons of replay value. Pick up the Gold Edition (which includes a handful of DLC) and enjoy the game with PlayStation Move. It's how it should have been played in the first-place. It's just a bit disappointing the patch one work with existing copies of the game.