Reaper Has An Amazingly Surreal Art-Style That's Really Going To Pop On The PSP's Screen.

People may like to assume the PSP's dead, but it's shaping up to have one hell of a line-up.

Reaper's a two-dimensional action platformer in which you play as an unnamed figure of death, harvesting the land for souls. The game looks super pretty to boot - check out the full set of screenshots over at Kotaku for more of what we're talking about.

Not only does the game look awesome, the premise is also rather melancholy and cute. When Death (who just happens to be a lady) creates a reaper, she strips them of their personality and memories. Your character - a reaper - is sent on a mission to take the soul of your daughter. Thankfully, you somehow regain access to your memories, and decide to go after Death herself. The move pisses everyone off - cue video game.

It sounds and looks awesome. This has gone straight onto our radar. The game's due next year and we can't wait to check it out.