Finally, Finally, Finally. Are We About To See Resistance 3 At GamesCom?

With Insomniac Games announcing their colloboration with EA Partners, we genuinely believed that the next Resistance was on hiatus - despite those billboard posters suggesting otherwise.

Today, we've been given more than a scrap of hope, however. Insomniac's confirmed that they'll announce their new "PlayStation 3 project" between now and PAX Central. Do you know what happens between now and PAX? GamesCom. We're just saying.

Amazingly, Insomniac has confirmed that they will be bringing the new game to PAX and demoing it at their panel. “Want to be the first members of the public to see our new game being played with your own eyes? We’re bringing our new game to a very special Penny-Arcade Expo panel on Saturday evening (September 4th), at 6:30pm in the Serpent Theatre."

Looks like Sony are prepping for another huge GamesCom showcase then. We thought it was going to be a quieter year for them after last year's excitement — but dude, Resistance 3. We love the Resistance franchise.