If Anybody Has Any Information On This Lady (/Man?!), It Would Be Gratefully Appreciated.

I had a whole other series prepared for this week's There's No Place Like Home. I was going to do my best Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and make-over my Personal Space. But in my quest for fancy neon lamps, this happened [see photographic evidence above]. As I clicked the shutter of my PlayStation Home camera, I was photobombed.

Allow me to relay; as part of my other planned feature (now dramatically postponed), I was beginning my quest to create the perfect Personal Space. I'm a fan of lights though, and having done my research (YourPlayStationHome.com is incredible) I found that the PlayStation Minis events space was home to some cute little Minis-themed neon lamps. Something I had to have.

I took off on my journey to the Minis Event Space. It's one of the most visually busy areas I've yet to experience in PlayStation Home, with a depth of strong visual effects and plenty of banner advertising for the PlayStation Minis that the space is promoting. After a short game of FreezeBall - which is a unique take on billiards - I took to the Duels area where I'd need to compete to win my light.

The Minis Duel is basically a multiplayer version of pairs. I went in expecting nothing but was pleasantly surprised by the experience. Pairs is, by its nature, a pretty simplistic game. You put a batch of cards face down, turn two over at a time and try to match a pair. Here, the cards are replaced by PlayStation Minis icons - but the game's much more complicated than you might initially assume. Playing against an opponent, you're able to plant bombs, shuffle cards and view sections of the grid. The game actually requires a degree of skill, and while I lost my first two games, I found myself managing to trick an opponent into stepping on one of my bombs. I won the match and got my lamp. Hurrah.

One of my favourite things about the Minis space are the giant floating PlayStation Network logos at the front. I decided, before I went back to my Personal Space to begin preparation for my makeover, that I'd take a mug-shot of myself in front of one of those Network balls. I readied my camera and took a pose. Suddenly, just as my finger slipped over the shutter, the lady pictured above ran into view and stole my thunder.

She waited for the shutter. Stared at me for a second, and then went merrily on her way. Now it's true, I could have taken another picture and moved on from this whole ordeal. But I'm not having it. This lady clearly needs a lesson in discretion when it comes to other people's photography. Thus, I decided to hold back the planned edition of There's No Place Like Home to appeal to the Home-sphere — do you have any information about this lady who rudely photobombed my mugshot. Answers on a post-card please.

"There's No Place Like Home" is PushSquare's bi-weekly letter from PlayStation Home, penned by virtual world newbie Sammy Barker.